Review of Potty Caddy

Potty training isn't pretty. I'm struggling to get my middle son trained as I type this. (He has part of the job down pat.. but there's the 2nd part he's just not getting.) We were ready to give it up for awhile, until I had the opportunity to try something new. Enter the Potty Caddy.

When this arrived in the mail, my son was wide-eyed. The little gift box can be reused, and contains a roll of toilet paper (mounted inside the box for use), some miniature "kids" magazines (with pictures of babies and young children in mock magazine layouts), a book to read to the kiddo, and a book to guide the parents. When I showed my son everything included in the Potty Caddy, and I had a chance to explain that it was just for him, he looked at me and whispered, "I think I need to use the potty."


While it hasn't cured us of our training woes completely (we only received the Potty Caddy yesterday), my son has a new found interest in the once discouraging subject. The chart and potty stickers (along with the toilet targets) keep training fun, and help him take ownership of his good behaviors!

The Potty Caddy is a cute idea for anyone looking to potty train now or in the future. Available at Amazon for under $15, this is a great buy!