Review of Boon Baby and Toddler Feeding Line

I'm a huge fan of style.. but only if it's functional. When I recently dug into the full line of infant and toddler mealtime products from Boon, I was in heaven! Could I handle adorably-designed and "very,very good-looking" products that also made meals easier? I'm in!

There isn't one product from the line that I wouldn't recommend. I did have my favorites, however:

  • Squirt Food Dispensing Baby Spoon allows you to fill the handle of the spoon with up to 3 oz. of baby's favorite messy foods, then lets you dispense it one delicious mouthful at a time. No more half-eaten jars of food to contend with! A nifty cover lets you keep the spoon clean while it also stores food. Yummy!

  • Fluid Toddler Cup is not only the most attractive sippy on the market -- it's also safe! Like all the Boon food items, it is BPA, Phalate, and PVC-free. It's is easy to hold, easier to clean, and my little guy wears his on his wrist like a bracelet until he gets thirsty. (You couldn't pay me to make this stuff up!)

  • Saucer Stay Put Divided Plate fills the gap between plates that look good and plates that stay on the table. If you're sick of watching your terrible two flinging their plate off the table in a fit of defiance, this is the plate to have. Low to the table's surface, and equipped with just enough rubber-grippy stuff to keep it in place, I'm considering getting one for my dog, too. (Cause I'm sick of him tipping over his bowl.)

Boon has never put out a product that didn't amaze me. To see what we think of their bath line, check out our previous review. And don't forget to see every other genius thing they've made at their official website