Review of Internet Password Organizer

If you've relied on software solutions to keeping your internet passwords safely stored for later use, than you understand how frustrating it is when your PC crashes, or you aren't using your own computer when you need to remember a password. There is a simpler, low-tech solution that I've been fortunate to learn about: The Internet Password Organizer.

There's nothing fancy about this book. It's a sturdy, spiral bound book that's no bigger than a paperback. It's functional, and that's what matters.

I love my Internet Password Organizer. The best part is that my husband no longer has to ask "What's the password to our Ebay account, again?" I can change my passwords as often as I feel comfortable, and I don't have to try to remember off the top of my head. I also love that there is a special page for ISP addresses, for when my router gets reset. This in itself is priceless.

If digs it, I should have known it would be awesome. To see it in action, visit the official website, and get it for less than $20. This is one New Year's Resolution that's in the bag.