Review of Yummie Tummie Shapewear

Ladies, I have news for you... Yes, I did gain a few over the holidays (who can resist those tiny cheesecakes?) but there is a short-term solution that is much more practical than crash-dieting or hiding under sweats.

I received the most gorgeous tank from Yummie Tummie to review, and this thing rocks! Putting it on is the most difficult part of the process.. just pull it down over you like a normal tank, and Shazaam! You're 6 pounds slimmer in seconds!

These awesome tops are designed with the tummy-trimming panel built-in -- not underneath like a pinching girdle, but right within the design of the top. I put this baby on, and my hubby noticed right away. The Stardust top in black (the one I tried) made me look slim and sexy, and it was comfortable to wear. (See the model below for how they look -- note that I didn't look quite this fabulous... )

This little number will look hot when I go out with the hubby, and it is made from materials that won't make you feel sticky or sweaty.

To see the entire line of Yummie Tummie's gear (including some adorable nursing tops), check them out at