Ring in the New Year with Marshalls Savings!

I didn't do any of my "own" shopping until after the holidays. Why? For one, I was much too busy, but mostly it was because I adore sales! On another recent trip to Marshalls I took advantage of deep discounts on designer and brand-name clothing (something that is a real treat for me), but it all felt like it was on sale.

If you're not familiar with the concept of Marshalls, it's so simple: They get in shipments of fabulous designer and brand name clothes and offer it to their customers at around half off (or more!) Just look at what I got for $75:

  • Polo tennis shoes for my 2-year-old
  • A black winter trench coat (with killer hot pink lining) from Esprit
  • A pair of Totes winter rain shoes for my daughter
  • The most comfy yoga mat -- (I'm taking up kick boxing exercises next year.)
I'm a very frugal shopper, so I've never considered myself a candidate for buying pricier brands. The beauty of Marshalls is that I can -- and I don't have to feel guilty about it later.

If you're a Mom looking to treat yourself to a new look next year, consider Marshalls. Whether it's a cute pair of boots you're after, or you need a new rug for your living room, it will be there for much less.

For a list of stores near you, visit www.marshallsonline.com


  1. You mean we are actually allowed to buy clothes for ourselves ?:)
    I'll have to check out Marshalls!

  2. Yes! We are! (It's a dirty little secret I just found out about... )

    Linsey Knerl
    Lille Punkin' Reviews


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