Review of Age Before Beauty by Virginia Smith

I have to admit. I rarely have time to read, and sneaking in a good fiction book is pretty much unheard of. When dashing off to my latest conference, however, I decided to tuck Virginia Smith's Age Before Beauty into my carry on. The result was a smooth 2-hour flight and a new-found addiction to good fiction. Thank you, Virginia!

Age Before Beauty had all the trapping of chic lit: a flawed but likeable main female character, complex relationships with her husband and relatives, and a problem to be solved. In this case, the main character was struggling to find purpose in a newly-launched home business. She felt pulled in every direction, and at times, was a bit insecure about her value as a Mom, wife, and entrpreneur. (Folks, I've been there.)

This Christian fiction isn't a sugary-sweet as some -- which was a relief. It had that "I think I know that everything's going to turn out OK ending" but it wasn't boringly predictable. Fresh detail and a feel for how women really think is what made this book entertaining and even a little bit insightful.

Bottom line: You can read it to get away, but will come out of it with a bit more of a sense of what's important in life. Kudos!

The book is available at (and you can search inside for a preview of what it's all about!)


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Age before Beauty! thanks for the review.


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