Review of Clorox Green Works Natural Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

I love the convenience of disposable cleaning wipes, but as I've written before, I hate the effect that they could potentially have on the environment. Naturally, I was stoked to find out that Clorox Green Works has come out with a new wipe -- and they are naturally biodegradable!

My biggest aversion to cleaning wipes is usually the smell. I admit that they can be a bit too potent and chemical-smelling for my tastes. The Clorox Green Works wipes are fresh-scented (kind of citrus-like) and don't bother me at all!

I wondered how well these wipes would work. (It crossed my mind that maybe they wouldn't be as sturdy as other wipes due to their "natural" components.) The 100% wood fibers that make up the wipes, however, keep them strong and help them to last through all the stiff cleaning that can go on in my kitchen.

There are 30 wipes in a container, and while I can usually go through several standard wipes in a cleaning project, I only had to use one or two for my whole kitchen. (Very good value!) I'll be gladly adding this product to my regular cleaning routine.

If you haven't learned about Clorox Green Works and their initiatives, be sure to visit the website. (And check out how you can be part of securing $10,000 in project money for sustainable efforts in your community!)