The Energizer EasyCharger is Really That Easy!

As part of the awesome relationship I have with Energizer, I get to test first-hand some of the most amazing rechargeable products on the market! This last review is no exception: I adore my Energizer EasyCharger!

First, let me tell you some of the benefits of this charger:

  • It plugs directly into the outlet. No need for a bulky cord to keep track of (score one for the disorganized Mom in me!)
  • It has removable face plates to match your decor (black, white, silver) and is sleek and modern-looking. (No one will be asking about the awkward-looking device in your dining room, because this charger is comfortably sleek.)
  • The charger is safe, and has a on/off button to start the charging process (or stop it.) You know that your batteries are done, because the light will change from red to green, and the charger will shut off.
While this charger isn't as speedy as the 15-Minute Charger (it takes a scant 4-6 hours, depending on the battery type), it's also not as clumsy. You won't have to find a place to set it while it works, and I love that I wasn't digging around the junk drawer for the cord! Perfect for all your AA and AAA battery-charging needs, the EasyCharger comes complete with unit, 3 face plates, and 4 AA batteries. It's a great value at just under $24.00 (or get it at Amazon for around $19!)