There's Something Fresh in the Air

I've got a case of the winter "blahs." I'm sure a little floral therapy, could help! If you haven't checked out the stunning collection of Martha Stewart arrangements over at, you're missing some inspiring colors, textures, and ideas for fresher living.

These exclusive arrangements are affordably-priced, and they can be delivered the same day. (Plus they've got some really great promotions going on right now, like 15% off your order when you use PayPal, and a one-year free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine.)

These flowers can be used to do some really good things. Try brightening up an otherwise drab room (or person). Pick a theme for a romantic Valentine's dinner. Use them to give purpose to an unused corner or spare room. Whatever you choose to do, it'll be your freshest idea ever!

The containers used in the Martha Stewart collection are useful and beautiful. I was impressed with the clean look of the vases, and how bamboo and galvanized metal were included in the materials. (This means that long after your flowers fade, you have a super-nifty container for whatever you'd like.)

1-800-Flowers can get your flowers from a florist to your loved one (or yourself, if you're wishing to indulge) quickly, and without hassle. Sometimes, fresh ideas don't have to take much work, at all!