Bella Sara Treasure and Miniatures are HERE!

Remember the cute and carefree Bella Sara Babies that we reviewed last year? (They are truly the most adorable trading cards on the market for young girls who love horses.)

We are please to recently been able to experience the newest Bella Sara developments: Treasures and Miniatures! Here's the scoop and why we loved them, too!

  • The Treasures are so precious! Not only does this series of cards (the 8th set Bella Sara has put out) contain the beautiful illustrations you have come to love, but they contain extra-special "treasures," as well! Stickers, tattoos, and tiny horses may be waiting to be discovered in your pack (but you have to open them to find out!)

  • If you are really into horses, then you'll appreciate the tiny ones included in the Miniatures collection. This first batch of Miniatures contain little velvety horses, small enough to keep in a pocket or purse! (What is it about kids and tiny replicas, I'll never know!) Kids can collect all 20 horses, with 20 codes for interactive play!
The magical world of horses isn't just for those who collect, however. Bella Sara's website has a way for everyone to get into the fun! The Bella Sara website is gearing up for the release of these new additions to their collections. In fact, they are offering a Treasure Hunt contest for your family and friends. You can enter by downloading the official entry form, telling a story about your favorite "treasure" and including a story! Prizes include t-shirts, cards, and Bella Sara books! You can enter to win until April 30, 2009.