Review of JellyTelly

Has TV-viewing got you down? My kids were getting tired of the same reruns being shown day after day on our basic free TV stations. (We have no cable.) I was also a bit perturbed by some of the content being shown during the hours that my kids were awake.

We tried out the online site, and was amazed at the ever-changing content! There is a new daily show for kids to watch (plus an archive of the last few days, in case you missed it) and it is filled with faith-based humor, wisdom, music, and fun! My husband and I laughed at the puppets, the kids enjoyed the songs, and I was so impressed with how well my little ones sat and watched the online programming (and even remembered what they learned!)

If you're a fan of the Big Idea productions (Veggie Tales, anyone?), you'll fall completely in love with JellyTelly. (Our favorite skit involved songs that "didn't make the hymnal" -- what a riot!) Even with slower internet connections, it's possible to enjoy the show. We love it!