Review of the Mally Bib

Baby bibs are a necessity. You can have so many, but after awhile, you kind of settle on a favorite few that you use and rewash every day.

The Mally Bib is unlike any other bib. Why? It's made from leather! What's great about it is that it is soft, flexible, and able to be rinsed off easily at the sink. (Plus the designs are to die for!)

I could tell you all about how comfy it is, how durable it will be, and how it clasps firmly in the back with super-strong magnets (so baby can't take it off), while Mommy can still undo it with one hand. Rather than go on and on about these benefits and the many designs (like pirate skull, bee, and guitar), I'll let you see my little guy enjoying his elephant Mally Bib while eating some candy:

See how well they cover? And they'll never look ratty like your traditional fabric bibs.

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