Thank Goodness for Husbands (and SXSW Sponsors)

As many of you know, I'm headed off to SXSW in Austin, TX tomorrow (before 4 a.m., so technically tonight)! Many of the Walmart Elevenmoms will also be there, and we are scheduled for a bunch of good fun and networking opportunities!

The best part of getting ready for this trip (which has been difficult, with 4 kids) has been the wonderful generosity of the many sponsors who have made it possible for me to go. I'd personally like to thank:

- My personal sponsor at SXSW. They have been so good to me, and have really made my trip something that I've looked forward to for weeks!

(My oldest daughter grubs. Hardcore.)

Walmart - The brains behind so many of the amazing promotions. They truly are like family, and I have been blessed to be in such good company!

Fast Fixin'
- Yes, they helped me out tremendously, with some food delivered right to my door (for hubby to fix when the kiddos get hungry.) No need to worry about meals while I'm gone!

(Hubby prepares Fast Fixin' meal -- Note the hasbrowns are draining on shop towels?)

Tyson - Another fabulous food sponsor. I will rest easy knowing that meal prep shall be a breeze while I'm in Texas.

Johnson & Johnson - They have made my few days before the trip more luxurious, thanks to their amazing new body wash, and the Spongebob Band-Aids that came special delivery (and were snagged immediately by my 4- year-old hypochondriac.)

ZonePerfect - The delightful assortment of bars they provided will keep me full of energy in-between flights and after long nights out in Austin!

Anyone else headed to the big show? Follow me on Twitter. I'll be tweeting when I can. :)