Wonder Pets Hit PrimeTime!

They're so cute they're almost creepy. Kids love them, and parent love that kids love them. They fight against injustice and help out their friends. Who are they? Wonder Pets, of course!

If you're not familiar with the adorable antics of the tiny duck, guinea pig, and turtle, you really need to join the ranks of Wonder Pets lovers! These tiny heroes are animated in a clever way, with real kids doing the voices. Now, they debut with a prime time special just right for kids who need a little evening entertainment (in a way that parents will appreciate.)

We previewed the special The Wonder Pets: Join the Circus! with my children (ages 5, 3, and 2), and we had a full day of circus fun! The episode tells the story of 3 friends who long for adventure (which is how they end up at the circus), but along the way, learn how special they are to each other. Teamwork and compassion are major themes in the preschool program. It's no wonder parents love it, too!

The Wonder Pets: Join the Circus is premiering Monday, March 9th at 8:00 PM ET/CT on Nickelodeon. (Check your listings for channel information.) It will kick off an entire week of new morning episodes, many of them featuring special guest voice-overs (like Jerry Stiller!)

If you want to incorporate the fun of Wonder Pets into your daily preschool activities (or homeschool, in our case), you can also visit the NickJr.com website to get printable worksheets and crafts -- plus really cool online games. This is a safe way to get your whole family involed in the circus fun! (We got a kick out of the cut-out circus dress-up kit!)