Review of Two New Books from Leslie Patricelli

Kid's books never cease to amaze me. For the most part, they are entertaining. Some, however, go the extra mile and delivery super cool illustrations and stories that kids really, really get. The two books we reviewed from Leslie Patricelli were part of the "extra mile" club for us. Let us share our first impressions:

Baby Happy Baby Sad
- This board book is our family's favorite. Right now it has earned a permanent place in the diaper bag, which means it goes EVERYWHERE. My 2-year-old loves it the most, taking it out at church, in the car, and when we visit grandma. Why? Well, it uses a play on opposites that presents a clever-looking baby in all kinds of "happy" and "sad" situations: Hugging the cat? Happy. Cat running away in despair? Sad. Get it? (We also love the page that shows a "happy" baby sans clothing. His little bum is tastefully revealed. This is part where my son yells, "Bippper" -- which is toddler for "diaper." He calls all references to the bum, "diaper.")

Higher! Higher! - A read for my preschoolers, this hardback book is also simple with its wording, but brilliant with it's unspoken "story." You'll love letting your kids read this one to you!

All of Leslie's books are available at Amazon and are published by Candlewick Press!