Sid the Science Kid Gives our Kids the Dirt on Science

We love Sid. I'll say it again... We. Love. Sid.

Who's Sid? If you don't already know, he's my kids' favorite way to learn about science and the world around them. In fact, if it wasn't for Sid's most recent episode on Dirt, my boys wouldn't have been inspired to spray the bare patch in our yard with water and do several rounds of "mud angels" right before supper last night.

They found worms, laughed, and told me all about how plants need dirt to grow. Just another useful (and hilarious) life lesson that I couldn't have presented better myself.

Interested in learning more about PBS Kids amazing new show? The Jim Henson Company offering is showing on a station in your area. (And in addition to some fabulous Earth Day activities -- all free from their website -- they will be showing a special Mother's Day episode in May!) Yippee!

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