Check out My New Book! (and Win a Flip Mino Cam!)

OK, so I've been holding back some of the excitement of a recent project I've been working on. Some of you already know that I've been blogging about personal finance and frugality over at Wise Bread for around 2 years. It has been a fantastic experience, and and now, I am pleased to announce that our new book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget is released!

You can check out all the book details at Wise Bread's site, or just pop over to Amazon, where you can get it for a little over $10.

With all the books being released just in time for the economic slump, you may be thinking "Why another book on frugality?" Well, I can vouch for the stuff in this book. Here's why:

  • This is a collection of tips acquired over the past few years. They aren't just there to help you get through the downturn. They've worked for our authors for years... and when this country gets back on its feet, the tips will STILL be relevant.
  • The book is a quick, easy read. You may not find all of the tips to be useful for you in your stage in life. But I guarantee you'll get at least a handful of tips you can use right away -- easily earning your book purchase price back in savings.
To help celebrate the awesome news, Wise Bread is giving away a handful of Flip Mino Video cams to people who purchase the book (there are also alternate means of entries, as well.) You will also be eligible to get a $15 bonus in Ebates -- valid for first time customers, only. Read the full details here.

I'll also be throwing a signed copy of the book into this month's newsletter prize pack, so if you're not signed up - do it! You can get started by entering your email in the sign up box on the right-hand side of each page on Lille Punkin (look for the book.)

BUT HURRY! While the Ebates offer is valid for awhile, the Flip Mino giveaway ends tonight!!!