Making Life Better with Unilever

Most of you are probably familiar with Unilever (especially if you get Sunday coupon inserts.) In addition to making soap, it is also the company behind brands that families use every day including Ragu, Skippy, Wishbone, Ben & Jerry's, Caress, Breyers, Dove, Country Crock, and on and on and on. *chuckle*

At their website, Unilever goes to great lengths to give families tools and tips to truly make life better. What kind of things do they offer? Here are a few of my faves:

  • Recipe of the Week - I know, there are so many sites that offer thousands of recipes, but I love the focus of having one recipe on the home page that really inspires. This week they give you Chicken Fajita Grilled Pizzas. Can you say "YUM?"
  • Monthly Sweepstakes - Like to win stuff? I thought you would. This month they are giving away a $500 Gift Card and daily prizes of an eco-friendly tote bag!
  • Well-researched and quick-read articles on a variety of important topics: health, beauty, family, food, and fun!
Did you know that there is also a MakingLifeBetter YouTube channel? It features tips from the cooking coach - so you have no excuse not to get crackin' in the kitchen!

Thanks to Mom Central for allowing me to try some great Unilever brands while learning about Making Life Better's website!