Mom Moments - Fighting Games

(They seem happy.. don't let it fool you.)

Kids fight. My kids never used to. Now they fight all day. Over stupid stuff. I'm ready to pull what's left of my brittle hair right out of my irritated scalp... These are the things that my kids (ages 10, 5, 4, and 2) fight about:

- Whose money is it? Someone finds a penny, or a nickel, or possibly even a quarter on the ground, in the couch, or in a parking lot. Finder waves it all around for everyone else to see and yells "I have money...nanananana". Rest of kids yell and cry that THEY want money. Usually finder is unaware what money is even for. But they do already know at age 2 know that the green money is best.

- I had it first. Even though it is physically impossible for three people scattered all over the house to have the same toy FIRST. It happens. I am then left with the responsibility of looking back in time, through a wall, and over blood-curdling screeches to find out who REALLY had it. By the time I come to some conclusion, they have all lost interest in said toy.

- He touched me. This is a variation of "He looked at me" and "He is too close." While not technically a crime here in the states, my children are convinced that in some undeveloped nations, it is an offense punishable by flogging. Or should be.

- I'm the teacher. You can also substitute "teacher" with "doctor," "policeman," "mom," "dad," or "circus clown." Whoever leads determines the ultimate fate of the remaining players. Stinks to be the "student," "criminal," "kid," "baby," or "fan of performing clowns."

Sometimes, being the responsible adult can be stressful. What kind of fighting games do your kids play?