We Are PR OK!

I can't believe we even have to say it, but Lille Punkin' Reviews is "PR OK." What does that mean? Check out our policy on reviews, disclosure, and our privacy terms. I'm sure you'll appreciate that we:
  • Welcome pitches from products and services that families will find useful
  • Do not accept payment for our reviews. A complimentary sample of the product is usually needed to be able to provide an accurate report of our experience, and all of our reviews are in our own words. (You can tell which of our posts are "reviews" by looking at the post title. It will say "Review of....")
  • Do accept payment for some kinds of advertising (side bars, buttons, text links within the context of a post not labeled as a review, and the posting of promotional opportunities)
  • Do not knowingly promote or accept content, services or products that aren't family friendly
For more info on our review process, or to see how you can share your brand with our readers, please see our "Need a Review?" section.