Win with Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind

Mother's Day has come and gone, but the job of mothering continues. Whether you're a positive example of raising a family, or fear that you've failed beyond repair, there is a wonderful resource in Joyce Meyer's ministries. Her newest DVD Battlefield of the Mind presents practical tips for overcoming those negative thoughts that can take over our lives, and encourages women and men to begin a process of healing and empowerment through Christ-centered principles.

I'm a big fan of what Joyce Meyers has done for people all over the world, and encourage those who are struggling with negative self-doubt to begin healing with a mentor like Joyce. By being signed up for our newsletter at Lille Punkin' Reviews, you are automatically entered to win this DVD, valued at $24.97!

For a nifty preview of the DVD, see Amazon's trailer. You can also learn more about Joyce's many books, DVD's, and speaking tours at