ZulaWorld.com Exclusive Sneak Peek!

We've already told you how much my little ones love Zula Patrol. It's about space, science, and fun (so it's a home run at our house!) There's now an online environment designed just for kids, and it is inspired by the Zula Patrol's characters and theme.

To access all the features of ZulaWorld.com, you'd need to be a paying member (premium packages start at $5.99 a month.) For a limited time, however, Lille Punkin' readers can try it out for absolutely FREE! They even supply you with a mock credit card number -- so you don't have to give them anything more than your name and email to get started.

Here are some of the features that we loved about ZulaWorld.com:

  • Kids can design their own alien avatar (based on characteristics that appeal to them the most!)
  • Flying a spaceship is just one of the cool activities that promote learning and fun!
  • Games are challenging, but not too difficult. (My 5-year-old loves it!)
Designed in conjunction with IBM, kids ages 5+ can explore space with their parents (adult activation is required to register.) It's safe and educational. We just loved it!

Here's how to preview all the features of ZulaWorld.com:

  • Click on become VIP member (unlocks many more levels of exciting activities)
  • Go through the process as if you were going to pay and use one of the “prototype” credit card numbers posted (note: they aren’t real numbers but will work on the site)
Have fun -- and remember, free access is valid until June 1st!