Does Your Friend Need a "Spendervention?"

Too many of us have friends that pay way too much for stuff. As a frugalist who LOVES to shop, I've found a fun and wallet-friendly way to buy what you want (in addition to what you need) for much less than retail.

Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are two super-stores waiting to help you meet your budget goals (and the goals of those you love) by offering "off price" selections you won't find anywhere else! It's perfect for sharing with that "brand name only" friend of yours. Don't believe me? Here's what I managed to score for under $25 at my local T.J. Maxx last week:

  • Timberland socks for the hubby
  • The CUTEST cocktail dress
  • A slimming pair of dark denim skinny jeans
I would have paid well over $74 for these items at their regular retail price!

I then took my daughter to Marshalls (my other fave outlet) and tried to find some flattering looks for summer. She's 10, but fits into a size 3 Junior. We had a blast trying on all kinds of styles and looks. We settled on these two pieces to go with stuff she already had at home (not to be worn together, silly) :
  • A black fitted T with matching hot pink scarf
  • Camo green shorts
Oh, and we also picked up a bag of gourmet coffee! Yes, COFFEE! They have all kinds of gourmet snacks, candy, and coffees for far less than at a retail or grocery store. Who knew?

Since January 2009, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have helped shoppers save over 1 billion dollars compared to department and specialty-store prices!! If you have a friend who is determined to ONLY wear brand name stuff (like Roxy, Diesel, Polo, Ralph Lauren, and more...) you can tell her that she can have it all. Just pay less by shopping off-price. Your friend will love you for helping her budget!