I've Joined the Sharpie Squad!

This Mom loves only ONE kind of permanent marker -- The Sharpie. I'm very excited to be part of the exclusive group of Sharpie fans -- The Sharpie Squad. You can read all about the new initiative here on the Sharpie Uncapped Blog. I am in fabulous company, including SavvyMommy's Victoria Pericon, Lauri Harrison of MomToBeDepot.com, Jeffrey Fulvimari, Jon E. Nemitz of superfineart.com, Mark Rivard, and LunchBagArt.com's Derek Benson.

We are already getting started creating some amazing things with our new assortment of Sharpies, so stay tuned. We'll have video, photos, promotional opportunities and more -- I can't wait to tell you all about it!

For the full scoop on everything Sharpie, visit the Sharpie Uncapped website.

*I am an online brand advocate for Sharpie. I maintain a relationship where I receive product to review in exchange for sharing new Sharpie happenings with my blog community. If you have questions regarding Sharpie or the Sharpie Squad, please email me.


  1. Congratulations! I am a huge Sharpie fan. Constantly used them in my classroom, at home and even my Webmaster hubby uses them a lot.

  2. Thanks! I'm very excited! We use Sharpies for everything, too. My biggest challenge is keeping them out of the hands of my 2-year-old. (Sharpie really needs to come up with a remover.. LOL)


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