Just When you Thought You Knew Yanni

Hubby and I hadn't been on a date in... well... forever. To make things worse, I'm pretty sure we've had one date for each kid we've had since we've been married. When the good folks over at One2One Network offered me a chance to get away with the hubster for a Yanni Voices concert in Omaha, NE, I was psyched!

For those who don't know Yanni... you're in for a treat. The tour itself is actually a collaborative project, featuring Yanni and a host of talented voices, including Nathan Pacheco.

Hearing this performance at the newest venue in Omaha was something I was NOT prepared for! (Let's just say that there is a difference between when I saw Nathan at Mom 2.0 and seeing the entire orchestra and voices live in a high-quality arena.) Wow! *I forgot my camera, so I don't have any visual mementos of the evening.. sorry*

The most amazing part of the night was reconnecting with my spouse. Music is such an awesome way to get to know someone again, and Yanni has a way of connecting people who aren't even very big fans of his stuff (like my husband.) Way to go, Yanni. Way to go :)

If you want to know more about the Yanni experience, the tour, or the performers, see the website at www.yanni.com

And thanks again for making my night special. We'll have to go out more often :)