Mom Moments - Don't Bite!

Someone is always getting bit at my house. Whether they are biting each other or getting bit by something else.. bites are a fact of life. Here is the biting scenario:

Bug bites - Most bugs bite. Some leave welts and itchy reactions in my youngest two boys and myself. Some just are irritating. Did you know that stink bugs can leave awful red blisters in some children? My baby just experienced the pain of a stink bug bite. Be sure to check for bugs in the yard this time of year and turn over anything that contains standing water. Mosquitoes are breeding like crazy!

Kid bites - Whether their biting phase is only a month, or lasts for several years.. kids can bite each other. Matthias has even tried to bite ME once or twice... Usually it never breaks the skin, and ice can be applied to reduce any bruising. "No bite!" can be heard several times a day when the youngest kids don't get naps. They all eventually grow out of it.

Danger bites - When kids are really young and don't understand the concepts of electrical shock, hot burners, cactus plants, etc... we refer to any possible painful consequences as "bites." A little one inching towards the outlet with a pinky finger is quickly stopped with a firm, "Ouch! Bites!" They understand that they might get "bitten" and back away before their curious hands can get in trouble.

Other odd and funny biting things - Some things that my oldest son has discovered that bites is a clothespin (he puts one on each finger and pretends to be the evil witch on Chronicles of Narnia), black olives (he does the same thing and becomes some weird Superhero), and the new kitten. All of these "bites" are funny, as they don't really hurt. Just don't put the clothespin on the end of your tongue! That is not so comical, as he has just recently discovered!

What are your worst bite stories? Do they involve your kids?