Mom Moments - It Must Be the Age

(Future World Champ Dancer or Stunt Bike Professional?)

We are watching "So You Think You Can Dance", and I am laughing as my 4-year old is waltzing (yes, you heard me) across the floor. I am flooded with memories of my older son trying to cha-cha just a year earlier to the same show. So convinced were we at the time that Micah was going to be the next Benji (think world-class swing champ).

He danced at every opportunity he had. My husband groaned that he may grow up to be (gasp) a dancer. I tried talking him down from the ceiling long enough to explain that there were several really healthy dance classes for boys being offered in the next town, and that many boys I knew that took dance turned out very masculine and married beautiful wives. I brought up the football players that took ballet, the rehabilitation of injured Olympic hockey players through dance, and the fact that we could skip the modern dance portion and just teach him hip-hop if necessary.

Just about 2 months after winning that argument, my son changed. He put away his sister's tap shoes and drug out the toy guns. He was making pow noises, smacking things with sticks, and telling me stories about men killing monsters. (And through all of this, I promise you, our TV habits did not change!) Every show now needed a "bad guy" and a "good guy." Veggie Tales and Barney soon took 2nd place to Batman and The League of Superheroes.

My sweet little boy...... is still my sweet little boy. But he now no longer even glances at the TV when "So You Think...." comes on. He may get up and clap once in a while, but this is more to show me that he is just as performance-oriented as his little brother (remember, the waltzing one?).

So for about 3 more months, I can enjoy dancing with Matthias. He will probably let me hold his hands and do fancy twirls on the living room floor. He will grin and take bows when he is done. I will look at him and see all the world in his future. And one day not too long from now, he will stop dancing.

Or maybe he won't.

But if he does, my 2-year-old son is ready in the wings.