Review of Amy's Organic Wraps

Here at Lille Punkin', we do a lot of product reviews. Some products are sent to us from companies hoping we'll say a good word or two. Others are things that my family and I buy every day. Needless to say, the wait time to hear about something after we get it can be long (4-10 weeks in most cases.) Today, I have an amazing exception to tell you about, and you shouldn't at all be surprised that it involves FOOD!

Amy's Organic told me about (and sent) a couple of new wraps they offer. The first was a Teriyaki wrap. I was running late the day it came, and no sooner had it arrived via delivery guy onto my front porch, than I thought, "Oh no! I'm going to miss lunch!" As I dashed out the door, I grabbed the wrap, ran back in, and nuked it in the micro for 2.5 minutes. I threw it on a place and took it with me in the van, on the way to shopping.

Yum. I'm glad I didn't read the ingredients before I ate it. Turns out, there's not real chicken in it. Just tofu. I hate tofu. I loved this wrap. It had the authentic flavor of teriyaki chicken with a beautiful firm and nutty brown rice, along with some crispy veggies. It was like a plate of my favorite Chinese dinner snuggled up in a whole wheat tortilla. Very delish.

The second wrap didn't come to be tasted until tonight. I had returned from a long day of conference calls, taking the kiddos to the pool, and doing my Blog Talk Radio show. I was getting ready to make a PB&J at 9 o'clock at night when I remembered the Breakfast Scramble wrap was waiting in the freezer. I LOVE breakfast at night -- especially eggs -- so I gave it a try.

At first, I freaked. I read the package BEFORE I tried it, and didn't see anything about eggs in it. Just more tofu (I'm really panicking now.) When I broke the wrap in half, it was a very, very yellow color. *gasps* Just what I need.... really yellow tofu. I took a bite and started to think that maybe I needed to let go of my hatred for tofu, because, as I shouldn't have been surprised to find out... it was really, really good. It tasted just like eggs (really yellow eggs) with a slight touch of gourmet cheese and a bacon flavor that I couldn't quite place -- smoky, almost. Delish.

So here's the picture from my iPhone of this beauty. Forgive the yellow color -- it really looks that way.

Here you have my most honest and open review yet. But I think you need to know... this tofu-hater has found a new love in Amy's Organic Wraps. Priced at $2.79 a pop, I'm probably not going to eat them for EVERY meal. But compared to a few chocolate chip cookies and a diet pop (my most popular meal for when I forget to eat), it's a healthier and tastier option.

And from what I hear.. tofu's good for you.

Read more at, and read what we thought of their Amy's Kitchen Kid's Meals, too!


  1. I just picked up an Amy's Spinach and Feta wrap yesterday for lunch, I lOVED it! Of course, just like you, I most likely cannot eat these all the time, too expensive, but it was definetly a yummy treat!
    I love spinach, and I really love feta cheese, this had the perfect combo of both!


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