Review of Little Stars Bedtime Cards

It took us awhile to review these. It's not that I don't love the idea (cards you show and read to your kids before bed every night that teaches them a lesson and helps them ease into sleep.) I just faced a bit of resistance with doing this the very last part of the day. We traditionally read books, and my guys are so squirmy that I usually drag them straight from the tub to bed with a bit of nagging in between.

The Little Stars Bedtime Cards are phenomenal, however. Each of the 28 cards features a bright illustration of one of the Little Stars characters, as well as a series of discussion questions that help kids go to bed feeling loved and secure. You can either read the cards to your kid in place of a story (keeping them next to the bed and letting your kids pick one off the top -- like a game) or you can opt to slip a card under their pillow, letting them find it (kind of like a gift from the toothfairy.)

The themes presented by the cards are appropriate for all families. The messages say things like, "I like who I am" and "I can do hard things." Surprisingly simple, amazingly effective, and a peaceful way to connect at the end of every day, I think this would make a great routine for busy families who just want to be there for one another before they go to bed!

You can learn more about this unique tool at

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  1. I loved that my Mom would always let us read in bed before we went to sleep. It was so exciting to read each night.

    K. C.
    kccuties AT gmail DOT com

  2. I remember being tucked in at night by my mom--my dad worked third shift and sometimes wasn't there to tuck me in, but we didn't have any other specific rituals that I remember. My daughter gets to snuggle with Mom and Dad for a little while and usually gets a book or two or ten read to her before we say our prayers and go to bed.
    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com

  3. I absolutely LOVED when my dad would tell the story of the 3 billy goats gruff. He did such a great job of using different voices and of really getting into the story. I would laugh so hard every single time.

  4. what a cute idea! I can definitely see these cards falling right in line with our bedtime routine.
    When I was little my Mom would give me my bath (which I hated because she would dump water on my head to you know... clean it! - i have a pretty unnatural fear of water/drowning - wow what a tangent!) but then my dad would come in a tell me a story and then tuck me in really tight bouncing me and the bed up & down all the time both of giggling :) just typing that still brings a smile to my face hehe

  5. When I was a little girl, my parents tell me lot of bed time stories. I enjoy with them lot.

  6. warm milk and made up stories that i got to help with it was fun thanks for the chance

  7. What great cards! I always loved being snuggled up on my mom's lap in the rocking chair while she read me books before bed. Now I do the same thing with my two daughters!

    xpsundell at gmail dot com


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