Review of SafetyTat

Your kid gets lost, and doesn't know what to do.. Wouldn't it be cool if they didn't have to do much of anything?

The newest idea in child safety -- SafetyTat -- is different from other similar products on the market. It goes on like a tattoo and allows you to write in your contact number in case your child turns up somewhere unfamiliar. Unlike other safety stickers/tattoos, however, it lasts for up to 2 weeks! Yep.. you heard me: 2 Weeks!

I tried putting a SafetyTat on my wiggly toddler, and here's how it went:
  • The included cleansing wipe made it easy to prepare my child's skin. We picked a place that would be easy for an adult to see without prompting from my child (since he can't talk well, anyway.) We picked his arm.
  • Then, we peeled a SafetyTat from the large paper backing, and pressed it against his arm for about 20 seconds. I could tell even before the time was up that it was on there pretty good.
  • We removed the front paper and and saw that it went on pretty smoothly. My son's arm is really, really skinny, so it wrapped almost completely around his arm. Next time we may try a thicker area of skin (or put it longways down his arm like in the photo -- duh). His skin was also so elastic that it wrinkled up a bit when he bent his arm.
  • Writing my phone number on his arm went relatively well. He moved around a bit, making it a challenge, but all things considered, the pen was the right size to get my whole number in the little box. No smudging, either.

Moses (my son) loves his new tattoo. SafetyTat will be a cool thing for ALL the kids the next time we go shopping ... because our current child loss rate is about .33% for each time we go out in public. (Seriously.) No worries. They are usually hiding in a rack of clothes, but just in case, we can now rely on SafetyTat to help us out.

You can save 15% on orders of $15 or more with coupon code LillePunkin06 at checkout! Go to place your order. Offer valid until June 24th, 2009.

Wanna win? We have 3 sets of the Travel Pack to give to lucky readers! Just visit the SafetyTat website and comment here with any other products you like from their online store and why they would work for you! (One entry per person, please.) You have until June 30th at 11:59 pm CST to get your entries in.

Giveaways are subject to complete site rules. (Be sure to give us a way to reach you if you win, and remember that we will never use your email or contact info for anything other than to send your prize.) Good luck, and be sure to check out all of our other giveaways!


  1. The girl tat two-pack would be great.

  2. Alert Nut Allergy: Two lines of customization would be great for going out to parties..sleepovers as a reminder

  3. Love the Girl Tats! What a cool idea. Thanks for the chance.

  4. the allergies ones, because peanut allergies are serious!

    autumn398 @

  5. Love the write-on Tats for my boys. These would be wonderful to have when we go to the amusement park. One less thing to worry about, especially with the little guy who does not know our number. Thanks for the opportunity.

    the_angel_forever at yahoo dot com

  6. I love the Original SafetyTats because you don't have to try to write your information on them while on a wiggly arm, and would put them on my daughter for shopping trips and also when we go to the local museum and zoo to keep her from getting lost (hopefully!)

  7. One of my nieces is allergic to peanuts so the Allergy tattoos would be so useful! tylerpants(at)

  8. My son has allergies and this would help along with the safety tat.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  9. Allergy alert looks really useful to us since our son has allergies.

  10. I like the 'Please Call My School' tattoos, this would be great for school field trips!

  11. I would like the allergy ones for my kids they have allergys and this would be great thanks

  12. Dog
    Spotted Rex is a fav among our active little customers. His spotted coat and "bull's-eye" are a throw back to The Little Rascals -- Anyone remember "Petey"?


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