Review of Stanley Portable Power Gifts for Dad!

Yesterday we shared our positive experiences with the Stanley SquidBrite and Spotlights available just in time for Father's Day! Today, we get down to the nitty gritty with some of the most innovative and affordable power gifts on the market. Here's what we loved about the line of smart gadgets you can take anywhere (and why I'll be keeping most of them in the van for ME to use!)

The 100 Watt Power Converter is simple to use -- really, you will not need the included instructions. Just plug this baby into your car's power outlet (i.e., the cigarette lighter) and you're instantly up and running with juice for your cell phone, laptop, iPod, GPS, and video games. What's very cool about this gizmo? It's silent... which means you can charge in peace for less than the cost of an expensive specialized charger for each of your electronic devices.
For true on-the-go power, hubby will surely adore the 100 Watt Tailgate Power Converter, similar to the Power Converter, it offers a source of power wherever you go. Just plug it into the towing outlet of your pickup truck or SUV, and you've got instant tailgate success! (Can you imagine powering your coolers, TV, and more!) I can see myself using my electric air compressor to blow up our camping mattresses this year....
This last one is more for Mom (me) than Dad. Not that I don't want him to have it... but I like feeling safe while out on the road with the kiddos. The 300 Amp Instant Battery Charger can keep drivers from getting stranded when the unthinkable happens (like when I foolishly leave my car's lights on AGAIN!). Just clamp on the cables (it will alert you if you have them placed wrong) and start up your engines! The clever light lets you see even in the dark, and portable power plug-ins let you get power when you need it, too! It's the ultimate emergency toolkit!

So what will you get Dad this year? I'm not one to be easily influenced, but I'm completely game for the kind of gear that Stanley introduced me to this year. For even more gear reviews, see yesterday's post. Or check out the entire line at!