ShopWiki for Everything!

If internet searches for the best prices on stuff for your kiddos has you frustrated, you're not alone! It seems like a lot of work to try different search engines, run comparisons on several sites, and make sure that the best-priced items are in stock and ready to ship.

Maybe ShopWiki would work better for you! I gave this little "engine that could" a try, when looking for some toddler clothes for my boys, and it was pretty impressive. In addition to offering several brands, styles, and price ranges for all kinds of items, they have a handy buying guide to help with sizing. These boys' cargo pants, for example, range in price from $3 to $100.

How does ShopWiki work? It's just like any other Wiki. Click the links to narrow down to the type of products you want to buy. They have thousands of choices in great categories, like children's books and nursery furniture. Unlike other shopping sites, they offer products from all retailers, NOT just those that they earn affiliate income from. More choices... more chances to save!