We Review Stanley Lighting Gifts for Dad!

The name "Stanley" is a common one for Dad's Day Gifts. Did you know that they do a whole lot more than just hand tools and power tools? We checked out the hottest gifts for Dad this week, and here were our favorites!

What Dad couldn't use a bright, high-quality spotlight? Living on the farm, it's something we have to have (whether to scare critters away, or work on something late at night.) My husband loves his Ultra Bright 5 Watt LED Spotlight. This hand held light is small in size, but generates huge amounts of super-bright white light! I had to keep it away from my kids (who thought it was a standard flashlight...) as the light was blinding! It's great for stashing in the glove compartment or the flashlight drawer, and it runs up to 10 hours on the lowest brightness -- which is still more than adequate for most spotlight jobs. It's Energy-Star certified, can be recharged with ease, and doesn't require you to ever buy batteries! I also loved that the rubber grips made it easy to hold on to in the dark. This is the cutest spotlight on the market (but don't tell my tough husband that!)

If lights are truly your thing, then you'll get a kick out of the SquidBrite Worklight! This clever little light looks like an octopus (or squid... LOL), and it can bend and shape to rest on any work surface. This gives Dad the perfect view of what he's working on, whether it's under, over, or inside a very tight space! We loved how much light was given off by the little SquidBrite, and it even had magnets on the back to attach it to metal surfaces, too!

We have one last fabulous lighting gift to tell you about. Remember the power of that little spotlight? We've got even more power for Dad with the Stanley HID Spotlight! This "Father of all Spotlights" has all the power you need for a full, bright bream at an incredible distance! (Be careful with this thing!) Some of the cooler features include: 12 Volt rechargeable battery and a 35 Watt high intensity discharge bulb. We love the 2-way dimmer for extended runtime (up to 35 minutes of contant light at full power!) The charger is included -- and there's a nifty lanyard to keep it close when navigating the darkness.

Light it up this Father's Day with some of the brightest tools on the market, and be sure to come back tomorrow for even more Stanley product reviews!

Check out these Stanley gadgets at http://baccusglobal.com/Products.html!


  1. The Stanley HID Spotlight would be my choice as it is the most powerful offering from the Stanley selections.


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