We're getting into Organic Gardening!

9:57 PM

My family has decided to NOT use chemicals on our garden this year. I'm happy with our decision, and while there has been a bit of a learning curve, there are so many more resources available to help us in our journey than there used to be. One product that I am curious to learn more about it this organic pest control from SaferBrand.

Our favorite garden treat is without a doubt -- tomatoes! They are delicious right out of the garden (especially when a bit warm from the sun), and I love that my son is just as big of a fan as I am! I used to stress out when he would sneak into the garden and eat them directly from the vine (without washing)! Now that we are going organic, however, I know that while the tomato would be best if it was washed, no harm will come of my little guy for being overly anxious to take a big bite.

Wanting to learn a bit more about solutions for the organic garden you've always wanted for your family? Check out this YouTube video, featuring SaferBrand, that originally aired Designing Spaces TV. (Cool!)


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