Do You Need a Fresh Start?

We've all had times when we wish we could start over. (In fact, I feel this way almost daily, anymore.) If you've considered a "fresh start" to your life, career, or just your attitude, then I have a way that you might be able to do it with a huge advantage!

Carefree is a proud sponsor of the Carefree Fresh Start Fund, giving women a chance to win mega cash -- from $3K to $10K -- for a "fresh start!" What could you do with that kind of incentive? To be considered for the funding, visit the Carefree Fresh Start website and click the "Apply for a chance to receive $10,000" banner on the side. You will have a chance to tell why you want a fresh start for a chance to win the cash, a consultation from an expert, and a trip to NYC!

If you're looking to take smaller steps to a fresher you, Carefree also has a new UltraProtection Pantyliner that is an effortless way to feel great and confident. These small, light, and very handy liners are available in stores, and you can even request a free sample from Carefree's website!

Now's the best time to make a chance and start something "fresh" -- don't you think?

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