Locally Grown Comes to my Wal-Mart!

As one of the Wal-Mart Elevenmoms, I get to experience cool things at my local Walmart (like buying a new iPhone.. which I promise I'll brief you on this month!) One thing I have been anxiously waiting for, however, is the introduction of locally grown produce into one of the Walmarts in the Omaha area.

Today, I was blown away when I walked into the newest Walmart! It was like no other I had seen, and reminded me more of a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats than a Wal-Mart. (That's a good thing, by the way.) What was I most excited about? In addition to scoring the cutest underthings from the new OP line, I was thrilled to see locally grown tomatoes still on the vine, and available for less than my local farmer's market. I knew that these guys were fresh, because I could smell them from a few feet away! Yummy!

Here is a picture of the sign accompanying the locally grown display (never mind that it mentions sweet corn instead of the tomatoes -- what was up with that?) These are people just like my parents. Farmers, families, and Nebraskans. I couldn't have been prouder. (Oh, and the tomatoes.. were to die for. I had them on a big plate of homemade nachos right when I got home from my trip today. Delish.)

I can't wait for more foods to arrive from Nebraska producers. This is just another reason I'm glad to be part of the Wal-Mart 11Moms community!

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