Review of CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

I'm only 31, and I've frequently been mistaken for a 25-year-old, so why would someone my age even consider an "anti-aging" makeup formula? Because I care. And I want to look young forever, so to speak. When I was sent a sample of the latest in CoverGirl technologies to try, I was eager to see if, even at my age, I could possibly look a bit younger.

The new foundation Simply Ageless is a team effort by both CoverGirl and Olay. It's cool, because it combines the smoothing, moisturizing benefits of an Olay Regenerist Serum, and the health features of an amazingly effective SPF 22 protector. The foundation went on creamy, and while I was a little concerned at first that I would get too much of either the moisturizer (which was "swirled" in) or the foundation, it all balances out when you apply it. The product claimed to not gather in wrinkles and pores (which makes you look older) but promised a smoother, younger look. I'm not a heavy foundation wearer, so I was not prepared for the rather airbrushed appearance that I had with the foundation on -- but it worked true to its word. I had flawless looking skin in just a few minutes.

Getting the right color match with this makeup can be a bit tricky. The CoverGirl website offers a look at the full collection of 15 shades (which was a bit overwhelming.) Initially I tried a color that I thought would match my tone (it seemed to match perfectly with other foundations I wore) but was way too light for my complexion, and I ended up added a bronzing powder to even it out. By choosing just a shade darker, I hit the perfect match on my 2nd try.

The website also offers a video tutorial and tips for opening the container (which surprisingly was a bit tricky to figure out at first.) Priced at a mid-range $13.99, this is a bit more than I usually pay for foundations. Since it combines two products in one, however, I'm likely to buy it with a coupon from the Sunday paper.

For more info on SimplyAgeless, visit the CoverGirl website. (You can buy it directly online, but I recommend first-time buying at a store where you can sample the shades or through the website, which offers a free return program if you're not happy with the color you choose.)