Review of Pahappahooey Island "What About Me?" on DVD

My kids are entering the "me" age very rapidly. Whether it's who had what toy first, who should get the prize in the cereal box, or where I should give my much-needed attention today, my kids are always thinking, "What about me?"

While I'd like to think that I'm doing a good job as a parent in showing them how to have empathy for others and a balanced sense of self-worth, it's not always easy. We were thrilled to be able to *review a copy of Pahappahooey Island's: What About Me, a project of Anchor Bay Entertainment and featuring Joyce Meyer!

My kids really loved the puppets in this film. They weren't too hokey or overexaggerated. They just seemed like real kids they knew, and went through an adventure that could almost have taken place in our living room (except for the whole treasure hunt thing.) When tempted by evil to think of only themselves, the puppets have a chance to do the right thing -- a perfect example for my kids and myself!

Don't worry about not being able to pronunciate "Pahappahooey" right away... you'll get it! With catchy tunes, a truthful storyline, and a chance for kids to build character and grow in their faith, this DVD is a perfect accompanyment to your homebased curriculum or entertainment library!

(This DVD also contains a Bonus episode: Hide it In Your Heart. If you know anything about the Bible verse it refers to, you'll agree that it is a very special message for little ones to learn!) More info on the DVD is available at Anchor Bay Enterainment's website.

*Sample provided for this review