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Review of Poo-Pourri and Poo-Pourri Jr.

3:26 PM

We don't want to admit that sometimes life stinks. Whether you want to eliminate any signs of using the bathroom, or you struggle with an odorific diaper pail on a daily basis, keeping things fresh can avoid embarassment and annoyance.

We had the chance to try some samples of Poo-Pourri and Poo-Pourri Jr. this last week. The small spray bottles contain an all-natural oil spray that helps disguise those smells you and your little one can leave behind. They really helped to control the "little stinkers" in our house!

How does Poo-Pourri work? Simply. Just spritz a spray in the toilet before you go, and you'll have no need to douse the air with unnatural or overpowering commercial sprays when you're done. It leaves behind a fresh, yummy scent!

The Poo-Pourri Jr. is designed to be sprayed on a diaper or in the diaper pail before you toss it, giving you another few hours to take the trash out -- before horrible consequences can occur.

There are three scents of Poo-Pourri (The Original, No. 2, Heaven Scent), The Poo-Pourri Jr., Royal Flush (for men), and Pooch-Pourri (for pets.) All are pleasantly-scented, not too strong, and come in attractive packaging. (You can also buy the fancy atomizer gift set for a fashionable way to display your sprays!)

Poo-Pourri products start at $9.95, and we like them very much at our house! They also offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee, so if you're not satisfied, they'll get you taken care of (but we're pretty sure you'll like it.)

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