Review of Poo-Pourri and Poo-Pourri Jr.

We don't want to admit that sometimes life stinks. Whether you want to eliminate any signs of using the bathroom, or you struggle with an odorific diaper pail on a daily basis, keeping things fresh can avoid embarassment and annoyance.

We had the chance to try some samples of Poo-Pourri and Poo-Pourri Jr. this last week. The small spray bottles contain an all-natural oil spray that helps disguise those smells you and your little one can leave behind. They really helped to control the "little stinkers" in our house!

How does Poo-Pourri work? Simply. Just spritz a spray in the toilet before you go, and you'll have no need to douse the air with unnatural or overpowering commercial sprays when you're done. It leaves behind a fresh, yummy scent!

The Poo-Pourri Jr. is designed to be sprayed on a diaper or in the diaper pail before you toss it, giving you another few hours to take the trash out -- before horrible consequences can occur.

There are three scents of Poo-Pourri (The Original, No. 2, Heaven Scent), The Poo-Pourri Jr., Royal Flush (for men), and Pooch-Pourri (for pets.) All are pleasantly-scented, not too strong, and come in attractive packaging. (You can also buy the fancy atomizer gift set for a fashionable way to display your sprays!)

Poo-Pourri products start at $9.95, and we like them very much at our house! They also offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee, so if you're not satisfied, they'll get you taken care of (but we're pretty sure you'll like it.)