We are a Best Review Blog 2009 Runner-up!

I'm so thrilled to have learned that Lille Punkin' Reviews was chosen as the First-Runner up for the Best Review Blog 2009, sponsored by Parent Reviewers! How very cool to be in the wonderful company of so many other worthy review blogs, such as:

A Family Completed (Winner)
Just A Mom’s Take On Things (2nd runner up)
3 Kids and Us, Life Starring The Kids and Me, SuperMom Central, Rave and Review, Mom Most Traveled and Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House (all finalists)

If you haven't had a chance to visit the others and congratulate them, please do so! It was an exciting opportunity for us, with some fabulous prizes! YEAH! This is a super early birthday present (my B-Day's tomorrow... I was sad about turning 31, but now? Not so much.)

Thanks to all the judges and participants :)


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