We Did BlogHer (Really Did It)

Ok... so where does one even begin talking about an amazing weekend that helped me reconnect with the fabulous Walmart 11Moms, as well as numerous PR friends, bloggy buddies, and the Energizer bunny?

The conference was mad. Confusing. Busy. Frustrating. But I loved it anyway. The people were amazing. I roomed with Lynnae from BeingFrugal.net (you have to read her post on the good and bad of BlogHer. She says it so much better than I.) I hung with folks from Tide and learned all about their Duo Pacs and the Bounce Dryer bar (more on that later.) I also played co-hostess to an amazing party with Energizer:

Did you go to BlogHer? What was your FAVORITE part? Tell me!

Oh, and before I forget.. my friend Sheena over at Mommy Daddy Blog gave away some cute little swag bags. My favorite part were the Kellogg's fiber bars (no joke). It's amazing how hungry you get at a conference! While all the goodies inside the bag are long gone, my daughter loved the little tropical felt handbag that all the swag came in. Kudos!