Edivvy.com for those BIG Back-to-School Purchases

I pretty much have all my back-to-school shopping done. Pencils, paper, and book bags were a breeze to buy this year. But what about those "larger" purchases that parents must sometimes make (dorm gear, athletic equipment, and cars?)

While I can't do everything on my own, Edivvy.com helps make sure that some of those big back to school wish list items don't go unfulfilled. With an easy-to-shop website that lets multiple purchases work together to buy the big things, there's an easier way to shop than "I'll buy and you pay me back your half later." Some of the more popular back to school gifts offered include laptops, Blu-Ray DVD players, and Gift cards to popular online and in-store retailers (so kids can pick out their own group gifts.)

So what would I buy for my kid on the site? Depending on their age, there are lots of group gifts to choose from, but especially like the ones designed to help kids keep in touch with their parents: webcams and netbooks! The cleverly-designed site shows you the price for each item and also shows a price for "divided by 10" -- or however many people will be pitching in for the gift.

Back to school shopping is a breeze (even if you can't swing the entire bill on your own) with Edivvy.com.