Nestle Helps us Keep Our Cool!

We had an amazing turnout for our Back to School $500 Walmart Gift Card giveaway, compliments of Nestlé! Some of our best tips received were ones that I use often to make sure my family gets fed on the fly -- and nutrition isn't forgotten about.

One of our quickest tips for combining convenience with common sense is our juice routine. Simply, we dilute our juice with half water. This not only saves money, but it makes sure that when my toddler demands 2-3 glasses of juice a day, we aren't overloading him with calories. (Another great way to ensure that children aren't consuming too much of the sweet stuff is to give them only 100% juice. We've been doing this with Juicy Juice for years!)

Here's my littlest bug enjoying a cold glass of the Berry variety. Yummy!

Thanks again to Nestlé and all who participated in our fabulous Back to School promotion! We'll have news of the winner soon (and don't forget to check back often for all of our giveaways!)