Review of BillingBoss for Small Business

As a blogger and a freelance writer, I often invoice clients for jobs big and small. Most of the time, I don't even have to wait before I'm paid. Other times, however... well, I have to be a little more assertive in getting what I'm owed. The one thing I've found to be helpful is to use a professional-looking invoice to track my fees and make sure that clients can pay me instantly and effortlessly.

Billing Boss is a service that I've found to meet my needs as a small business owner. You can sign up instantly, and get started sending amazing invoices that can be tracked from creation to payment. Here are just a few features that have me loving this service:

1. It's free.

2. It can be used from your iPhone!

3. It creates invoices that look smooth and professional in minutes, and lets you send them as an email or a PDF attachment. (slick!)

4. You can grant access to your accountant or bookkeeper.

Not only is the interface easy and clean, but it is entirely web-based. Why is this important? I'm never in the same place twice: I work from two offices, on the road, and from my cell phone. Having access to my invoices (and whether they have been paid) is VERY important to keep track of cash on hand. They also have the ability to let you track taxes collected on invoices, as well! (Which is super-handy for tax time.)

You can get all your questions answered about Billing Boss at their nifty FAQ. And don't forget -- It's completely free. (There isn't even a premium option for those who pay to get more benefits. Everyone's important at Billing Boss.)

To learn more, get started, or check out their tour, see the official Billing Boss website at!