Eating Right Kids Has the Right Idea...

My kids are homeschooled, so we don't "pack" lunches very often. They do get a kick out of single-serving sized foods, however. Who doesn't? On days when we run all over, like to snack in the park, or I just forget to cook anything worthwhile, we enjoy foods that other parents would pack into a lunchbox.

We recently got the opportunity to try a new line of Looney Toons inspired eats from Safeway, called Eating Right Kids. Here's the skinny on what my kids loved about the stuff (and why I may consider it in the future.)

  • The pasta cups were not very salty, sugary, or (in my opinion) flavorful. This, for some reason, was exactly what my kids loved about them. Whole wheat, cheesy raviolis in a mild tomato sauce were easily microwaved for a quick snack. There was a surprising amount of pasta in each cup!
  • The granola bars were lightly dipped in chocolate, but had a strong fruit flavor that went over really well with my sugar-bug. (My youngest son is geared for sweets, and these were nutritionally sound, while tasting like a dessert.)
  • The juice was.. well, like any other apple juice. In a convenient single serving container, all 3 kids fought over it, drank it up, and barely noticed the characters on the packaging :)
This line of foods is impressive in many ways. The ingredients were an improvement over many of the items in the convenience food category at the store, and my kids really liked the cute Looney Toons packaging. I can see this being a great addition to school lunches!

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