General Mills Throws One Heck of a Blogger Event

Two weeks ago, I attended my first blogger event. The kind folks at General Mills put together an “Eat & Greet” event for food, family, and frugality bloggers to get to know them and each other. Because I haven’t attended anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect. It was the perfect experience, however, and from what I’ve heard from those who have attended other events, it earned high marks!

(Photos lining hallway to Betty Crocker photo studios.)

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Getting to meet so many great bloggers. I met of some fabulous ladies I had never heard of before, like Nicole from Baking Bites, Amy from Lindstrom’s, and Clair from Mummy Deals (who just loves that airport sushi.)

(Where the photo magic happens.)
  • Getting to know bloggers I’ve already loved. Putting an enthusiastic face and personality with a blogger you’ve been reading forever makes a trip so worthwhile. People I knew but hadn’t met before in real life (or just didn’t have a chance to really get to know very well) include: Christina from Northern Cheapskate, Caryn from Rockin Mama (who’ll have a very healthy and beautiful babe very soon), Erin from $5 Dinners, Daniel from Consumer Queen, and Deb from Just a Mom’s Take on Things.
  • Of course, there were so many other gals that I hung with, (especially those who needed help with strollers or just general toddler amusement). It was like home away from home when I sat at the Mommy table with Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom, Sheena from Mommy Daddy Blog, and Denise from The Cent-sible Sawyer.
  • The food, while extravagant, was a bit rich for my taste (the white stuff on the strawberry was goat cheese, not dessert whip!) The company, however, wasn’t. I loved meeting the people from General Mills, hearing about how heirloom tomatoes were making their way into American pantries via Muir Glen cans, and learning that the Nut Clusters are redonkulously addictive. I picked up some cute t-shirts for my kids at the General Mills gift shop, and my middle son (who received a Count Chocolate “I Vant Candy” T) hasn’t quit wearing it since. (Can’t Mommy please wash that!?)
  • I learned a lot about the original flour mill via the Flour Tower ride/exhibit (which was a giant elevator equipped with stadium seating. Crazy good. I also saw the photo studios where the Betty Crocker cookbooks got their photos. I picked up more excellent photog tips than I ever imagined possible in 20 minutes. (The GM folks were NOT stingy with their knowledge.)

This event will be hard to beat. I look forward to filling out the survey, letting General Mills know what I loved about the trip!

*General Mills paid for all expenses on this trip.


  1. How fun of a trip......and I am totally laughing about your son's t-shirt! That's a great story....I hope you use some of those great photog tips and take a memorable photo of that shirt standing up on it's own when he finally stops wearing it.

    HeeHee! :-)

  2. LOL.. yes, it occurred to me that he may never let me wash it, so I started washing it while he slept at night. The only thing he loves more than that shirt is is Iron Man pajama set. :)

  3. It was great to meet you too! And my girls are absolutely loving the Lucky Charms shirts I brought home for them. :)

    I agree - General Mills did an awesome job putting on this event!


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