Keep Your Pools Safe with Covers

I have a couple very curious little ones.. which means I'm always on notice for them getting into trouble. One area that we are especially diligent about is in the summer, when pool play is a top activity. We make sure that the kids are NEVER around a pool without our close supervision (even if the pool has high sides or is in a fenced-in area.) We also are sure to remove ladders and easy access points, if possible.

You may also want to consider Safety Pool Covers, which come in a variety of sizes and materials. Depending on the type of pool you have, they can keep all kinds of grit, bugs, and debris out of your pool -- and they can also give you extra time in case a little one gets in where they shouldn't go.

Pools are a huge investment of time, supplies, and maintenance, but they can be a fun addition to your summertime ritual. Just be sure to keep it safe. Preparation and education can go a long way towards keeping kids happy and healthy! (I would even recommend taking a "time out" during the pool season to teach kids about all the things that can go right -- and wrong -- around pools. Teachable moments are the best ways to make your kids understand.)