Mom Moments: How Do You Maintain a "Healthy" Lifestyle? Day 1

I'm the total paradox of health in some ways. I'm a sugar addict, love diet soda, and often skip meals in lieu of snacks. This week, for example, I ate some of the most ridiculous food while visiting friends in L.A. Here's a pic of the mess I had for lunch yesterday:

Now this thing was essentially a polish dog, covered in chili, grilled onions, slices of American cheese, and bacon -- yes bacon. All of it was wrapped up in a tortilla, and when you picked it up, grease came oozing out the end of the wrap. It was delish. Paired with a baked potato and sour cream, this was definitely a once-a-year splurge. But I did it in a rather smart way.

I only had 5 bites.

Yes, 5 was all I needed to "experience" this dish. It was awesome, but I knew it would add about a zillion calories and a bunch of indigestion into my day. (With a flight back to Nebraska in just a few hours, who needed that?)

The secret to keeping healthy (for me) involves not depriving myself. But that also means I NEVER get to finish the whole thing. It's the taste, the experience, the thrill... but never about stuffing myself.

I'll be sharing more about my "healthy" lifestyle over the next 7 days! Have a great weekend :)


  1. Hello! I made it over to your blog! So great to meet you in LA...

    I think you ate better than I did. I had mexican food for lunch AND dinner in the airports on my flights back yesterday...not good!

  2. That's smart. I always have good intentions of leaving stuff behind but end up mindlessly munching. Gotta work on that!

  3. Tenille,

    Awesome meeting you! Mexican food is a weakness of mine, so I TRY to make as much at home as possible. Works out, because if done right, it's basically beans and fresh stuff -- all very good for you :)


    The frugalist in me has a hard time with not eating the whole thing, but thanks to kids and chickens, there is ALWAYS takers for my leftovers. :)

    Linsey Knerl
    Lille Punkin' Reviews


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