Mom Moments: How Do You Maintain a "Healthy" Lifestyle? Day 3

Another day -- another look at my lifestyle. I find that one of the most common reasons why I don't eat well is because I'm a bit disorganized (which my husbands calls "messy). Since we just moved into a new house, it's especially difficult to have everything in place to prepare better meals. I like to pair convenience foods with healthier whole foods for a more balanced nutrition.

Today, I picked a bunch of stuff from my Mom's garden (it was overflowing), and I'll try to incorporate the tomatoes, eggplant, and squash into something more fitting than just a frozen pizza alone. (My favorite meal is actually a frozen pizza as a "base" topped with healthier, fresher ingredients. Gourmet for under a buck a slice.) Working with yesterday's meal plan, I think I have a chance at sanity and healthier eating. (I even ate what I prepared for the kids today, something I don't always do.)


  1. That looks deLICIOUS. OMMMM. I wish I had your secret for healthy & affordable pizza!


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