Mom Moments: How Do You Maintain a "Healthy" Lifestyle? Day 5

Still battling the flu, I've upped my involvement in "natural" remedies. My mother had actually begun dabbling in herbal concoctions a few weeks back, using the elderberries that grow wild in the area as a base for tinctures, jams, and syrups. When my first symptoms of the flu started yesterday, I called her up for advice:

"Take one teaspoon of the elderberry syrup every few hours when the flu begins, and you may see the symptoms not last very long," she said. I did a little research, and I found study after study claiming that elderberry cut the suffering time from 6 days to about 2-3. I was game.

Last night, I put some in my green tea before bed, and again in this morning's cup. I can't say that it's the elderberry specifically, but I am feeling quite a bit better. I'm recovering faster than in the past. Could be a milder flu.. but could be the remedy. I'll be making my own potions next year, I think!

Do you use any herbal supplements or remedies for daily health? I have been taking some products for women's health and for joint problems (E, fish oil, glucosamine-chondritin) but I don't know how well they work. I'm afraid if I stop taking them, I'll find out :)


  1. Wow....I'd never heard of elderberry syrup. I'm game if it cuts the suffering time. Thanks for the great tip!

    We like Green Tea and Fish Oil (started the fish oil when I was pregnant). My husband swears by glucosamine for his joints/knees...and he's run out before and stopped....could tell the difference.

  2. I have found the fish oil to be a bit difficult to handle when I'm sick (fish burps are never cool.) Good to hear that I'm not the only one getting good results from the glucosamine. Hope he stays active for a long time :)


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